S.N. Title Submitted By Published Date
1. Notice regarding Invitation for Electronic Bids Administrator 2022-07-29 View Notice
2. Invitation for Electronic Bids Admin 2019-12-15 View Notice
3. Invitation for Bids for the Supply and Delivery of Printing Paper Stationary and Office Items Admin 2019-07-21 View Notice
4. लिलाम बिक्री सम्बन्धी बोलपत्र आव्हानको सूचना Admin 2019-07-12 View Notice
5. Invitation for Sealed Quotation for the supply, delivery and installation of Digital Numbering & Perforating Machine_SQ No. DOP/G/SQ/2075-76/05 Admin 2019-04-23 View Notice
6. Invitation for Sealed Quotation_SQ No. DOP/G/SQ/2075-76/04 Admin 2019-03-07 View Notice
7. Re-Invitation for Electronic Bids IFB No. DOP/G/NCB/2075-76/02 Admin 2018-12-24 View Notice
8. Invitation for Electronic Bids IFB No. DOP/G/NCB/2075-76/01 Admin 2018-08-31 View Notice
9. बोलपत्र आवहान Admin 2018-01-28 View Notice
10. शिलबन्दी बोलपत्र/ E-Tender स्वीकृत गर्ने अासयको ७ दिने सुचना Admin 2017-11-20 View Notice
11. Invitation for bids Admin 2017-09-12 View Notice
12. Invitation for Bids Admin 2016-12-27 View Notice
13. शिलबन्दी बोलपत्र / E-Tender स्वीकृत गर्ने आसयको ७ दिने सूचना Admin 2016-10-24 View Notice
14. झूरा कागज लिलाम सम्बन्धि सूचना Admin 2016-09-01 View Notice

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